Standard, Pattern, Heavy Duty & Tactile

Silvercrete Precast produces a wide range of general-purpose concrete pavers, concrete pattern pavers contained in the Silvercrete collection and heavy duty reinforced concrete pavers in a range of colours, sizes and shapes.

Our high-quality pavers can be used in walkways, patios, garden sheds, verandas and children’s Play areas. These pavers can also be sealed for longer wearing and longer lasting colour.

We also produce Tactile indicators for visually impaired users.


Concrete Pavers provide a great alternative to brick, stone or any other material used for pavers as they are exceptionally strong and long lasting, and typically far more cost effective.


Silvercrete’s range of heavy-duty pavers are primarily large platform pavers with some heavy reinforcement! Manufactured using high strength 50PMa concrete, these pavers are perfect for use under hot water systems, water tanks, air conditioning units and any other similar application as an alternative to pouring concrete on site.


» PASR-600-600-50-GR
» PASR-750-750-60-GR
» PASR-800-800-60-GR
» PASR-800-800-100-GR
» PASR-900-900-75-GR


» PARR-700-350-60-GR
» PARR-820-405-60-GR
» PARR-900-350-60-GR
» PARR-900-450-60-GR
» PARR-900-600-60-GR
» PARR-1000-500-60-GR
» PARR-1200-600-75-GR


Safety is paramount to ensure the well-being of our community. Silvercrete’s product range in this area is as comprehensive as it is high quality.


Novelty Pavers are a fun way to liven up a garden and give it your own special and interesting touch. Typically available and in stock in grey, they are also available to be made in other colours on request.