• Where are you located?
» Silvercrete Precast is located at 11 Heaslip Road, Burton, SA, 5110.

• Are you open on weekends?
» No. Our open hours are 6.30am – 4.00pm ACST Monday to Friday.

• Can you manufacture with coloured concrete?
»  Yes, we have a variety of standard colour options and can also manufacture custom colour – conditions and minimum quantities apply.

• Do you supply ready mix concrete?
» No, we manufacture precast concrete elements only.

• Do you perform concrete construction works on site?
»  No, we manufacture precast concrete elements only.

• Do you sell to the public?
» Yes.


• Can you drive on Silvercrete Precast pavers?
» Vehicles cannot be driven over any of our un-reinforced paving range. Please call us for more information.

• Can you install my paving?
» Unfortunately, not as we only manufacture the pavers.

• Can your pavers be cut?
» Yes. Please note, Silvercrete Precast will only cut its own pavers – fees apply.


• What kind of fittings are used on your water troughs?
» Silvercrete Precast water throughs are fitted with brass inlets (25mm, 1inch) and outlets (100mm, 4inch). Other sized inlets are available upon request.

• My ball valve float cover is broken, can I buy a new one?
» Yes.

• My trough is leaking, what can I do?
» Most leaks can be repaired but it depends on the reason for the leak. It is best to contact us with some photos so that we can try to best assist.

• Do you make modular toughs?
» No.

• Do you sell water floats?
» Yes, please refer to our Rural catalogue.

• Are your fence posts drivable?
» No.

• What hole pattern is on your fence and gate posts?
» Our fence and gate posts have 14 holes that match those of a 1.8m (6ft) star dropper.

• Can you make pig slats to a custom length?
» Yes. We can manufacture to any specifications.

Garden Accessories
• Are your tree ring dimensions internal or external?
» Internal in mm.

• Can I buy half a tree ring?
» Unfortunately, no. However, we can cut one in half for you – fees apply.

Retaining Walls

• Can concrete sleepers be painted?
» Yes, but it is important to select the correct paint. Refer to your local hardware store for more information.

• Can you cut concrete sleepers?
» • Yes. Silvercrete Precast can cut your sleepers – fees apply. Please note: we can only cut our own sleepers.

• How high a wall can be built with your sleepers?
» This depends on the length and thickness of the sleeper. Please refer to our concrete sleeper catalogue.

• How much do your sleepers cost?
» Please contact our team for a quote.

• Do you sell retaining wall steel?
» Yes.

• Are concrete sleepers or panels better?
» Depends. From a cost perspective, sleepers are generally less expensive. However, concrete sleepers do not always provide the necessary structural capacity that can be achieved using panels.

• How much do your concrete sleepers weigh?
» Refer to our information center for a mass listing.

• Do you install retaining walls?
» No, we manufacture precast concrete elements only.

• I live within 1km of a water shoreline, do I need special sleepers?
» Our standard concrete sleepers are suitable for an exposure class rating of B2 under AS3600 Concrete Structures. If in doubt, professional engineering advice should be sought.

• Are your sleepers costal rated?
» Our standard concrete sleepers are suitable for an exposure class rating of B2 under AS3600 Concrete Structures. We can custom manufacture concrete sleepers to higher exposure class ratings if required.

• Can your sleepers be permanently submerged in water?
» In some cases, yes, but generally sleepers in this environment should be specifically engineered. Contact our team for more information.

• When do I need engineering for my retaining wall?
» Generally speaking, any retaining wall that is over 1m in height will require both engineering and council approval. However, it is recommended to check with your local authority prior to constructing any retaining wall as rules and regulations can vary from council to council and state/territory.

• What is the difference between an I Beam and a C Channel.
» The I Beam (aka H Beam), formally known as a Universal Beam (UB) is the connecting steel between each bay of concrete sleepers. The C Channel, formally known as a Parallel Flanged Channel (PFC) is used at either the ends of a retaining wall, or to form a corner piece. Mat, a diagram here would be great!

• Should my steel beams be galvanised?
» While it is not absolutely necessary, galvanised steel beams provide better longevity for your retaining wall and do not need to be painted or treated with rust prevention coatings.

• Do your concrete sleepers come with a warranty?
» Yes. Please contact us for more information.

• What is the difference between concrete sleepers and concrete under fence plinths (UFP’s)?
» Concrete sleepers are a structurally engineered product that is used for retaining walls. Concrete under fence plinths (UFP’s) are a non-structural product that is used as a finishing garnish for a fence. Concrete under fence plinths are not to be used as retaining wall sleepers.

• Can I retain using under fence plinths (UFP’s)?
» No. Concrete under fence plinths (UFP’s) are a non-structural product that is used as a finishing garnish for a fence. They enable the gap underneath a fence to be filled providing both privacy and elongated life for your fence as they protect the steel sheets from rotting when in contact directly with dirt.

• What size steel do I need?
» Unless stated otherwise by a professional engineer, the length of the steel beams should be equal to two (2) times the height of the retaining wall. That is, whatever is out of the ground, but also be in the ground. i.e if you are building a wall that is 600mm tall, the steel length shall be 1200mm, where 600mm is in the ground and 600mm is out of the ground. Please note, a minimum of 600mm should be in the ground no matter the height of the wall.

• Where can I see your sleepers on display?
» No answer yet.

• Are your sleepers reinforced?
» Yes, every sleeper we manufacture is reinforced.

• What is the longest sleeper/under fence plinth you make?
» Our concrete sleepers come standard up to 4m in length and our under-fence plinths (UFPs) come standard up to 3m in length. Custom sizes are available upon request.

• I can not find the sleeper size I need, what can I do?
» We can custom manufacture concrete sleepers to any specifications. Please note, minimum quantities and charges apply.

• Do you sell fencing sheets?
» No.

• Do you sell sleeper grabs?
» Yes.

• My concrete inspection point lid is broken, can I buy just the lid?
» Yes.

• Are your pit/sump access covers complaint to Australian Standards?
» Silvercrete Precast only supplies cast iron and steel access covers that are compliant to AS3996-2019 Access Covers and Grates. This also includes our concrete access covers for plastic cable pits.

• Are your wheel stops Australian Standards complaint?
» Yes, our concrete wheel stops comply to AS/NZS 2890.1:2004.

• Do you supply concrete pipes?
» We do not manufacture concrete pipes; however, we can refer companies that do.

• Do you supply concrete box culverts?
» We do not manufacture concrete box culverts; however, we can refer companies that do.

• Do you supply tilt up concrete panels?
» We do not manufacture tilt-up panels; however, we can refer companies that do.


• Can you deliver?
» In most cases, yes.

• Where do you deliver?
» We deliver all over the metropolitan area of Adelaide. We can deliver to store and to site. Please call us on 8280 9055 or email sales@silvercrete.com.au for a quote.

• Can you unload on site?
» In most cases, yes.

• Do you deliver to regional locations?
» We can usually assist with regional deliveries as we work with a host of transport companies around Australia. Contact our friendly team for more details.

• Do you deliver interstate?
» Yes. Contact our friendly team for more details.

• Can I pick up my order?
» Of course, our address is 11 Heaslip Rd, Burton SA 5110. Our friendly staff will load the product with the assistance of a forklift. Please note, due to both WHS and NHVR regulations, we cannot load cars, vans or caged trailers. Any car trailer we load must have a clear, legible compliance plate. Under no circumstances will light or heavy vehicles or trailers be overloaded.