Silvercrete Constructions was awarded a contract to undertake all civil construction and associated earthworks to prepare a site for a completely new communications tower installation. The site resided in a park that housed a significant tree and local fauna on an aggressive ground gradient.

Environmental impact and safety were key considerations by the Head Contractor and Silvercrete Constructions during the project. A fundamental requirement was the safety of the significant tree’s roots during the excavation phase of the project.

  • Silvercrete Constructions establishes a construction compound and secures the site for the public’s safety.
  • Silvercrete Constructions employs the services of a hydro excavation vacuum truck to excavate around the perimeter of the tower footing to expose any root systems from the significant tree.
  • Silvercrete Constructions engages an arborist to come and analyse the exposed root structure. The arborist overlooked the entire excavation phase of the project to ensure that no damage was done.
  • Silvercrete Constructions successfully excavates the tower footing without any damage to the trees root system.
  • Silvercrete Engineering delivers and installs the custom fabricated shoring box that was secured into the footings pier cap.
  • Silvercrete Constructions excavates and installs the tower footing and digs trenches for power and communications runs.
  • Silvercrete Constructions excavates and installs all earth straps and tower hut footings.
  • Silvercrete Concrete Products delivers concrete sleepers and custom built bollards ready for installation.
  • Silvercrete Construction installs weed mat and gravel to the site.
  • Silvercrete Constructions installs a rubble hardstand for the crane to install the tower.
  • Silvercrete Constructions removes rubble hardstand and completely reinstates the site back to natural conditions, including the spreading of clean topsoil and the planting of additional native flora.