In the second quarter of 2016, Silvercrete Constructions was awarded the West Lakes Revetment Wall Upgrade by the Department of Planing, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI). The project required the removal and reinstatement of the retaining wall responsible for holding back the bank of the lakefront.

The retaining wall was to be built directly in the lake without modification or disruption to the lake’s water quality or water level. As the wall needed to be built submerged in water, conventional retaining wall construction methods could not be used.

Environmental impact and safety were key considerations by both DPTI and Silvercrete Constructions during the project. A fundamental requirement was the installation and implementation of a lake silt screen catchment to maintain the lakes water quality and overall integrity.

With this information, the Silvercrete Group project engineers set out a multi-disciplinary strategy, which bought together all of the Silvercrete Group’s companies, to provide a complete solution.

  • Silvercrete Constructions establishes a construction compound and installs environmental silt screen in the lake.
  • Silvercrete Concrete Products commences manufacturing concrete sleepers in accordance with AS 3600-2009 Concrete Structures and site specific DPTI requirements.
  • Silvercrete Engineering manufactures a custom attachment for an excavator that enabled Silvercrete Constructions to be able to pile drive the universal steel columns for retaining wall construction in the lake.
  • Silvercrete Constructions installs universal steel columns.
  • Silvercrete Concrete Products delivers custom sleepers for installation.
  • Silvercrete Constructions removes and reinstates the retaining wall, section by section to ensure that the lake bank does not collapse under pressure.
  • Silvercrete Constructions cleans and reinstates the site back to natural conditions and hands site back to DPTI.

The Silvercrete Group’s multi-disciplinary companies in conjunction with precise engineering management with DPTI, enabled a complete, safety compliant, environmentally focused, quality driven project outcome.